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Becca Miller

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Becca Miller - didi Rugby Canterbury
Becca Miller has just emigrated to New Zealand with her family, husband Andrew and sons Lewis (18), Rhys (14) and Jack (10).

Her family have always had passion and enthusiasm towards both their new home and the game of rugby.

All three boys play rugby with the oldest son Lewis gaining a scholarship to Harrow School for the sport.

Becca has previously ran a catering company and loves offering a high quality service for customers.

She can’t wait to develop didi Rugby New Zealand and is excited to bring all it offers to Canterbury

A few words from Becca

“I am so passionate about getting little ones physically active and instilling a love for rugby, health and fitness from an early age,”

“I have seen didi Rugby UK in action and have seen the high quality and growth over the last couple of years. I can’t wait to get started.”

“didi Rugby is a fantastic way of getting your child active, whilst enjoying the benefits of rugby and the positive values it installs in children like respect, self-belief and confidence. I can’t wait to try and make a difference.”

Damian Steele

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Damian Steele - didi Rugby Canterbury
Damian Steele is the Director of Rugby at Belfast Rugby Club, Christchurch, and is a trained physical education teacher and former business owner.

Before relocating to Christchurch, Damian spent eight years in Portugal where he played and coached rugby at all age levels, including the Portuguese national team. He taught health, social and physical education in an international school and owned and managed a company called Kids Move Portugal which focused on movement proficiency in children.

Having been involved in a wide range of sports throughout his life, Damian is very passionate about a healthy and active lifestyle and strongly promotes the benefits of providing children with enjoyable and high quality learning experiences from an early age.

A few words from Damian

“I believe very strongly in the concept of didi Rugby, having previously owned a company with very similar principles and intentions,” he said.

“In this current age of technology saturation, it is crucial that young children are provided with opportunities that are beneficial to their short and long term health and welfare, and more importantly, are enjoyable."

“didi Rugby provides a non-threatening, multi-faceted learning environment where young children improve their movement proficiency and coordination, confidence, co-operation, colours and numbers, all while having a huge amount of fun."

“It is a great concept and I am really looking forward to enriching the lives of our young participants”.


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